hmm. Ethereum is a network. ether is the coin.

Twitter is broken! Please fix it.

Please let’s get our shit together

Why do I do this?

I started with friends and expanded to the people I follow — and then expanded beyond that — into tweets that entered into my timeline by other people liking them or retweeting them.

One of my bloody annoying tweets
  • I needed to stop myself from getting bored
  • I wanted to present some variety to keep people engaged.

I don’t like scammers targeting HelloGold

If the scam targeted HelloGold (the amazing company that I work for). I would write a twitter essay about how pissed off I was about people using HelloGold to scam other people. I also wrote quite a bit about what HelloGold is doing. Partly because I am proud of what we are doing, partly because I needed to work off my anger at having our efforts tainted by these scams.

Tagging the people impersonated

I tag the person being impersonated because

  • I want their followers to report the scams to twitter
  • Scammers usually block the target before tweeting the offending message so that no notification shows up — this way they become aware of the extent of the scamming.

Scammers do this because it works

We are so used to coupons, special offers, airdrops etc. that people DO fall for these scams. It is not only the uneducated, people who are distracted, tired, busy fall for them too. I know of a guy who is highly educated and not normally gullible (but a newcomer to crypto) who sent half an ether to one.

I need you all to help

If we want to grow the community, to offer alternatives to banking systems that shut down at midnight, to censorable applications, to build services to offer financial inclusion to people in emerging economies we need to all take action against the scammers or newcomers, after getting caught will be wary and keep away.

If your account attracts scammers

Some accounts get three or four scam posts in reply to almost every tweet.

If you see a scam on somebody else’s tweet

  • Bring it to their attention.
  • Report it to twitter.
  • Occasionally shout about it on twitter.

Whatever you do

It is not enough educating people about crypto.

  • We need to teach people not to get scammed online.
  • Not to expect anything for free.
  • To avoid airdrops for shitcoins where they have to give up email addresses or, worse, private keys.
  • To use common sense evaluating Token Sales

Community efforts

Some of my very good friends are working of a variety of tools to find scams, report scams, avoid scams etc. Once these appear please share them.

As for me…

Well — I actually have a day job. A night job really because I write code at night because I like it that way. I have been spending a lot of time on this (and probably will continue to do so for a while) but I need to get back to writing more code because I have a huge backlog as always and we have bills to pay.

Thank you for reading this far…

As I said, I started all this because of HelloGold and I get angry when scammers ride on our coat tails. If you will indulge me I will answer why.

  • If you needed imported goods the price went through the roof.
  • If you were supporting children studying overseas you suddenly could no longer afford it.
  • The affluent had access to investments and savings products that were not pegged to the local currency.
  • Ordinary folks could, at the very best, only get savings accounts in their local currency. They were hit very hard.



HelloGold's blockchain lead and Senior Advisor at Akomba Labs; a technology anachronism who codes, teaches, mentors and consumes far too much caffeine.

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Dave Appleton

HelloGold's blockchain lead and Senior Advisor at Akomba Labs; a technology anachronism who codes, teaches, mentors and consumes far too much caffeine.