Wow 150% — must be good !!! : SCAM alert…..

Why my suspicions were immediately raised….

I was alerted to and so I decided to run a quick run down on why this must be a scam and how to avoid being suckered in.

The site is very attractive and features a professional looking Youtube Video with a slightly robotic presenter (Rebecca Walker) and seems to have been dubbed.

Odd that the head of PR should be presenting the company. And that they have access cards on ordinary doors

Lots of “Token Logic” mugs and stickers

and fancy offices and meetings with people writing “clever stuff”

Although it seems that the “Pro Investor” seems to have found some faults

Meetings in a “fun environment” which are not really common in financial settings..


But it is odd that this “HongKong based” company have their pantry notices in neither Chinese or English

And they close the video talking about “risk free ICO profitability”

tempting until….

With the current (Nov 2018) bear market, a quick examination of what seemed to be gold plated tokens from ICOs shows that only a very few percent are trading at more than 10% of ICO price. How do we expect profits from ICO investments without unethical schemes like pump and dump?

But somehow this company can provide you with daily interest from your investment?

Banks are offering a couple of percent per year

Amazing — I can get 5% interest per day!!!

Let’s think about this a bit. If somebody offers 5% per day it means that $100 locked up on day one yields over $400 on day 30. Even at 3% I get $235 on day 30. Very impressive.

So why would they share such an amazing scheme with us? All they would need to do is to take out a loan and pay it back a month later, keeping 300% profit. After that it is pure profit.

Who are these geniuses?

At the bottom of the page they post an address, a phone number and even a link to check up on the company’s registration certificate.

The address “The Center, 99 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong” is one of Hong Kong’s mega buildings. They do not post a unit address. This address is next to useless.

Interestingly they post a company registration number with a link to check it — but you have to pay for the service. Anybody who is willing to invest in this is unlikely to pay to do a check.

The team behind the project

As we know, it is the team that make all the difference. A company that can make so much money must be really powerful…

A great looking team. Not a lot of background. No linkedIn (or better still indorse) profiles. Oddly, Rebecca Walker is not there.

Rebecca Walker.

I must admit, I have never visited the “crypto realm” but Frank looks like a very solid guy. To be on the safe side though, I did a google image search.

I was in the Czech Republic for the Status Hackathon when I started looking at this so my first result was in Czech but this guy certainly seems prolific. seems to be a mockup page have a look if it is still online, he carries the name “Lindsay Lohan” there :-)

But then we discover that the guy also models Polo Shirts which is where they grabbed the image from

Emil Meynerd, the CTO seems to be equally prolific but his lady friend did not accompany him to TokenLogic

Eve Larson the CIO fares no better (the Drip Club page looks dodgy too).

I could continue — but I think we have established that is a full fledged scam. My guess is that if they are really HongKong based they are designed to scam mainland Chinese investors.

We live in a fast changing world. We like to bring people to the benefits of crypto currencies. Please educate the newcomers to be cautious and exercise common sense and diligence as well.




HelloGold's blockchain lead and Senior Advisor at Akomba Labs; a technology anachronism who codes, teaches, mentors and consumes far too much caffeine.

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Dave Appleton

Dave Appleton

HelloGold's blockchain lead and Senior Advisor at Akomba Labs; a technology anachronism who codes, teaches, mentors and consumes far too much caffeine.

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